Thursday, January 21, 2010

Photo Gallery

I have been thinking lately and I thought it would be great to have all the pictures of my cakes in one place. So I thought about it, consulted cuz Jess and she gave me some ideas. So tonight, I took the plunge and created a photo gallery page. I will only update it with pictures of my work as I complete orders. There is a link on the right hand side of my blog and one within this post.

This way you don't have to read post after post just to see my work. You can see it all in one place. This is great for people who follow me and for new customers. I know people don't have a lot of time these days and I want to make my page as user friendly as possible.

If you have any other ideas or suggestions please pass them along! I am still new at this and know I have a lot to learn.

I am so glad that the weekend is almost here it has been a long week already.

Hope everyone has a great Thursday!